The Addition – 1st Entry

I’ve decided to blog about the new addition.  A way for friends/family to chart progress, but more importantly a way to look back on it years from now when the process of getting it built is long forgotten.

Day 1 (9/20) was the start of excavation.  We quickly confirmed that the gas line that runs up along the house (where the addition is) also services my neighbors house.  I’ve never seen a subdivision where each house doesn’t have their own service that runs from the street. The gas line comes up on my property and then splits and a line runs over to the neighbors house.  so the gas line will be laying on the ground and the workers will have to just work around it.

We also determined that there is no load-bearing soil for a large portion of the where the foundation goes.  So, likely doing something called ‘pin & plate’ because digging down to good soil is not going to be cost effective.  Nice to be at least $5k over budget on the 1st day.  Yeah!


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