Elephants in Tucson

The Elephants have finished another season opener in Tucson.  Random memories from the trip:
Amazing Weather
Rusty is looking into Viagra and has interesting shaving habits
I can still hit the ball farther than Webster
Joe lost at ‘name that tune’ and match play (#8 should be on ESPN highlights)
Joe also can’t drive
Webster is wafer-thin
You can hit a drive 280 down the middle while laughing out loud
Indiana Jones joined the group this year
7-pointer Jack Russel Terrior & life-sized killer penguins
#14 is the best hole ever
Ventana is banned next year
The trip from the condo’s to sullivan’s is now my least favorite trip ever.  Taking over the #1 spot held by Cleveland to Chicago and the #2 spot of Pullman to Seattle.
Photos are up on my Flickr site here:
You can view photos via a slide show.  But- the photos are higher resolution than what gets shown in the slide show.  Click on an individual photo – select ‘view all sizes’ from the toolbar and you can see a bigger version of the photo and down-load.  If you really like a photo a lot – I can send you an even high-resolution version.
– Andy

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