Michigan Dates

Date for the summer elephant outing are as follows: 

Saturday 8/6      – Arrive, golf late in the day at Hawks head
Sunday 8/7        – Drive north, play Pilgrims run in the morning.
–          Check-into a hotel (possibly the Inn at Manistee)
–          Optionally play another 18 at Manistee or other course (remember we can t-off as late as 4 PM)
Monday 8/8       – Play 18 at Arcadia Bluffs.  Optional replay.
–          Stay a 2nd night up there, wake up early and drive home.  Or – drive home that night.

There is grumbling in the heard about trying to start earlier on Friday – still waiting to hear from more people before we change the above plan.  Andy


2 thoughts on “Michigan Dates

  1. Andy,A friend googled my name and turned up your blog. Small world! I am a 10 hdcp living in Massachusetts. Check out my company website at http://www.jibs.com.Looks like you take the game a little more seriously than I do… Arfe you related to the Simonds of the Green Mountian Boys from the 1750\’S?

  2. Good to hear from another Andy Simonds! Nope, never heard of the Green Mountain boys, but my family did come here around the beginning of the 1700s (long ago) and primarily settled in the Massachusetts area. Cape Cod and Worchester specifically.

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