Elephants in Tucson – The Gallery – 2/19/05

First entry documenting the 2nd outing of the year by the elephants (I count Pebble Beach as a valid Elephant outing).  Pics included from the Gallery which we all agreed was an outstanding golf course that will forever be in our list of must-play courses every year.  The sadest part of the outing was that the course is very long (South playing almost 7000 yds) and Feldman still beat me.   That blows and won’t happen again.

Pics are in the Tucson gallery to the left. Use the button on the lower right to view them larger.  As always, the quality of the photos uploaded to this site is severaly downgraded for speed compared to what comes off the camera.


One thought on “Elephants in Tucson – The Gallery – 2/19/05

  1. I have more fun playing against Andy than I do against anyone else, outside my immediate family. He proves it\’s possible to be competetive, but still have fun; to smile, crack jokes while trying with every fiber of your soul to crush the other guy. I can recall my first round with Andy @ Vistoso, on #14, when he drove the green, then berated me for laying up with an iron. I made birdie while he 3 putted. But you whooped my hide this summer, particularly at Pilgrim\’s Run, so fair\’s fair. Onto Arcadia.

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